Collective agreements interpretation

Because doing it manually is complicated and risky

Let our automated program ensure that you always abide by your CLA.



The best of its kind

Our interpretation of collective agreeements is the worlds most comprehensive CLA tool and it plays a crucial role in effortless management.

How does it work?


TyöehtosopimusThe relevant collective agreement

works as the basis of automation



we modify the CLA to include the any company-specific exceptions you may have



the program interprets collective agreements and completes needed calculations


Basic CLA models:

Easy interpretation based on already existing common agreement models.

Completely modifiable:

The system is completely modifiable to your relevant common agreement.

Shift related additional allowances:

The system calculates relevant additional allowances according to the common agreement.

Overtime pay:

Automated calculation of agreed overtime pay.

Holiday pay and work hour ´banks´:

Holiday pay straight from the system and the possibility to build custom work hour ´banks´to support flexible working hours.

You are in good company



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