Time tracking

Time tracking built for employees

Easy and accurate time tracking – so your management can focus on their work.


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Increase efficiency

We make time tracking quick and simple. Easy tracking and efficient reporting of hours – here´s a software that staff and management both like.

How does time tracking work?



hours on our app or physical time tracking device.



work hours, breaks and easily fix any errors.



information from time tracking in the management of expenses.

Options for time tracking




An easy to use calendar for logging hours and absences.




Confirm location

Monitor real-time progress of work and confirm location.



Time tracking device

Physical device

Our easiest option, stamp your time card when you go in and out.


Absences and rules:

Holidays, sick leave and other absences can be seen from the system.

Mobile time tracking:

Logging hours on the phone through Android ja iOS -mobile applications. We like to keep things simple and so our app is easy to use.

Approving hours:

Regular shifts are approved automatically and any exceptions by management or the customer.

Reporting and integration:

Customisable reports and API-integration.

Accurate logging and GPS-tracking:

You can limit where working hours can be logged from.

Related expenses:

Related expenses automatically with logged hours, such as compensation for fuel.


CLA interpretation with Linkity

How could Linkity help you?

We are happy to show how Linkity works by holding an online demo. By booking a demo we will tell you:

  • How Linkity works
  • How it could be used in our business
  • Associated costs

We have over 10 000 happy users and 10 years of experience – get in contact with us and you´ll know what we are about!


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Would you like to talk about our software?

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